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Our Destiny

by Unwanted Illusion

Get ready to embark on an emotive journey with “Our Destiny,” the latest rock ballad by the passionate Californian rock band, Unwanted Illusion. This powerful composition echoes the soul of true Rock n Roll, a genre deeply ingrained in the band’s musical DNA.

Unwanted Illusion, hailing from the golden state, is on a mission to share their love for Rock n Roll with the world. Their dedication to the genre resonates through every chord of “Our Destiny,” a testament to the raw energy and emotion that defines their sound.

In a world where the heartbeat of Rock n Roll is kept alive by those who live and breathe it, Unwanted Illusion stands tall. Join them in unraveling the destiny woven within the notes of their latest ballad, as they continue their rock-filled journey, playing the music that speaks to the hearts of their listeners.

Unwanted Illusion

Unwanted Illusion

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