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Our House

by Jake L'Armand

In the world of music, there are those who play it safe, and then there are innovators who dare to reimagine the classics. Jake L’Armand falls squarely into the latter category, breathing new life into the timeless realm of Classic Rock with his violin in hand. His latest creation, “Our House,” is a stunning violin cover that showcases his unrivaled talent.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Jake L’Armand is not your typical violinist. He’s a visionary who has made it his mission to reinvent well-loved classics, infusing them with a fresh and captivating energy. “Our House” is a testament to his unique approach, where he masterfully blends the soulful sound of the violin with the iconic melodies of Classic Rock.

So, prepare to be transported to a musical world where the past and present collide, all thanks to Jake L’Armand’s incredible rendition of “Our House.” This is Classic Rock as you’ve never heard it before, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss.


Jake L'Armand

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