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Out My Face

by SMJ

Michigan-based artist SMJ is making waves with his recent single “Out My Face”. The artist, who originally hails from Nigeria, provides a fresh viewpoint to the rap/alternative genre. SMJ’s music is unlike anything else since it combines the high energy of rap with the experimental components of alternative music.

SMJ’s lyrical prowess and knack for writing catchy choruses are on full display in “Out My Face,” which sticks in the mind long after the song has ended. This track, delivered with SMJ’s distinctive style and passion, is a stirring anthem about overcoming adversity and pursuing your aspirations.

SMJ is gaining a devoted following as an underground musician because to his shows and streaming activity. He hopes to attract a following of people who will identify with his message of tenacity and dedication.

SMJ’s star is on the rise in the rap/alternative scene, and with the release of “Out My Face,” that status will be firmly established.




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