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Outside Inside

by Ghost Kitty

Ghost Kitty, a budding artist who is recognised for creating immersive musical experiences, presents “Outside Inside,” which will take your ears on a voyage like no other. Listeners will be swept away by this entrancing rhythm and into a world where music is a spectral companion.

Ghost Kitty’s originality as an artist is on full display in “Outside Inside,” which consists of several layers of entrancing soundscapes that weave together. Ghost Kitty’s beat goes beyond the confines of typical musical genres, urging you to venture into unexplored sonic territory in pursuit of the artist’s unbridled pursuit of artistic freedom.

With the help of an immersive audio visualizer, Ghost Kitty’s “Outside Inside” transforms into a fully immersive experience. Let the mysterious allure of “Outside Inside” enfold you as you lose yourself in the song’s pulsing beat and enchanting melody. You’ll lose yourself in a sonic landscape that’s somewhere between the real world and your imagination as you listen.

Ghost Kitty

Ghost Kitty

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