Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by TripleSix ft Barbie Mak

Listen to “Cloud,” a mesmerizing collaboration between TripleSix and Barbie Mak, and immerse yourself in its enveloping soundtrack. TripleSix, an Auckland, New Zealand-born rapper, vocalist, and musician now residing in Hong Kong, blends his rock background and musical prowess into his progressive rap. TripleSix blends his thoughtful lyrics with catchy melodies in the style of artists like Eminem, Mac Miller, and J. Cole.

The song was written in the midst of 2021’s most trying times, a time of contemplation and despair compounded by the loneliness of social withdrawal. TripleSix and producer Zacuri turned those feelings into an evocative song called “Cloud.” The track is a mesmerizing mashup of lofi rap and bossa nova. Their blend of live chime sounds, lo-fi samples, and complex percussion arrangements exudes genuineness and serves as a source of comfort and inspiration. As TripleSix’s first foray into the local music scene, “Cloud” is a powerful demonstration of the healing power of sound.

TripleSix ft Barbie Mak

TripleSix ft Barbie Mak

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