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BLUIZ aka Aaron Frazier
BLUIZ aka Aaron Frazier


by BLUIZ aka Aaron Frazier

Aaron Frazier, better known by his stage moniker BLUIZ, is a household name on the pulsating streets of Compton, California. BLUIZ is an artist and a performer who has a strong affinity for the west coast. The influence of his home on every beat and phrase is undeniable, as he hails from the east side of Compton.

His most recent single, “OUTSIDE,” is a sonically immersive trip through the neighborhoods that shaped him. The song, which fuses hip-hop and rap, perfectly depicts the spirit of life in Compton with its distinctive sound. The genuineness of BLUIZ’s words is evident as he discusses his own thoughts and experiences.

BLUIZ has been performing for quite some time. His music has been included in a wide variety of media, including films and television series. “OUTSIDE” is a demonstration of his skill at fusing stories and music, transporting listeners to the world he knows so well.

Listen to “OUTSIDE” by BLUIZ to feel the unfiltered dynamism and urban tales of Compton. This musical excursion will take you deep into the soul of a town and the lives of its citizens

BLUIZ aka Aaron Frazier

BLUIZ aka Aaron Frazier

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