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live at Bunkhouse

Live at Bunkhouse

by Scottcan’tswim

Listen to “Live at Bunkhouse,” Scottcan’tswim’s thrilling performance, and feel the raw energy and emotion he channels into his music. The artist’s blend of emo and trap creates an intriguing new style that is sure to win over fans of both genres.

Scottcan’tswim’s musical talent and stage personality are perfectly captured in this 2021 performance video. Scottcan’tswim’s signature sound is showcased against rhythms crafted by Love Is on tracks from their joint EP “In Variants Of Sorrow,” which will be performed in full at this event.

Albums like “Live at Bunkhouse” demonstrate an artist’s mastery of genre-bending when it comes to producing an immersive, emotionally charged listening experience. Scottcan’tswim’s performance is a captivating trip into the depths of human emotion, with lyrics that are honest and relatable set to tunes that have a hint of trap.

A must-listen for any music lover, “Live at Bunkhouse” gives listeners an intimate look into Scottcan’tswim’s unique musical vision and leaves them wanting more of his heart-wrenching tunes.



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