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Part of Me
Peter Power
Peter Power

Part of Me

by Peter Power

A new lo-fi song named “Part of Me” was just published by Liverpool indie musician Peter Power. This song will send its listeners on an emotional roller coaster of melancholy and introspection. The YouTube music video combines photos of the performer playing the guitar with clips from an antique television screen with static.

Peter Power’s songs, which generally deal with love, grief, and introspection, have been described as having a dreamy, nostalgic vibe. The song “Part of Me” follows suit, with soothing guitar chords and eerie vocals that will stay with you long after you hear them.

Peter Power routinely updates his Bandcamp page and social media sites with new songs for his fans to enjoy. Listen to “Part of Me” if you enjoy alternative or lo-fi styles of music.



Peter Power

Peter Power

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