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I Call Jesus

by Samona

Samona, a multi-talented contemporary Gospel soprano and singer from Northern California, notably Sacramento, has just released an emotionally moving new song called “I Call Jesus.” Infusing R&B into a Gospel/Christian framework, “I Call Jesus” is an inspiring hymn that speaks to listeners on a profoundly personal level.

Samona writes songs with the intention of lifting people up and sharing her positive energy with them. Samona has crafted a refreshingly individual sound that draws on her Old School Gospel background as well as Opera and Classical inspirations. Her music is meaningful because it is a reflection of her faith in God and her perseverance in the face of adversity.

Samona is a gifted and enthusiastic musician who utilizes her songs to share her thoughts and experiences with the world, with the ultimate goal of inspiring others through her Gospel music. If you’re looking for music that will move your soul, look no further than Samona’s “I Call Jesus” on YouTube.




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