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Ross Edwards Ft Reg & Karina
Ross Edwards Ft Reg & Karina


by Ross Edwards Ft Reg & Karina

Get ready to hit the trail with Ross Edwards and his latest country smash, “Perfect Cowboy.” Featuring the musical prowess of Reg and Karina, this group effort captures the heart of country music. Both longtime fans of country music and those just discovering the genre will find plenty to love in “Perfect Cowboy” because of its touching lyrics and infectious melody.

British singer-songwriter Ross Edwards performs with genuine enthusiasm for country music. His songwriting skills make for evocative descriptions of love, life, and the road. Reg and Karina’s ethereal vocal harmonies give the song a genuine country feel that will take you far away.

No matter your musical tastes, “Perfect Cowboy” will have you tapping your feet and humming along, whether you’re a die-hard country lover or just seeking for an engaging melody. Put on your best pair of cowboy boots and hat, because we’re going on a musical journey with Ross Edwards, Reg, and Karina. Listen to the soothing sounds of country music as you watch the official music video on YouTube.


Ross Edwards Ft Reg & Karina

Ross Edwards Ft Reg & Karina

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