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Art Official Intel
Hamlet-B-Da-MC (H.A.M)

Art Official Intel

by Hamlet-B-Da-MC (H.A.M)

The innovative track “Art Official Intel” was produced by Broward County, Florida’s own Hamlet-B-Da-MC (H.A.M), an emcee and IT expert. Hamlet-B-Da-MC is a one-of-a-kind emcee that delves deep into the field of information technology rap, touching on subjects like computer networks, cybersecurity, and more.

In his work, Hamlet-B-Da-MC demonstrates a deep love for both music and computer science. Motivated by his desire to leave a positive legacy on the next generation through his studies of IT and his lifetime devotion to hip-hop, he writes catchy, intelligent rhymes about interesting aspects of the field.

Visit to learn more about Hamlet-B-Da-MC and his music. In “Art Official Intel,” Hamlet-B-Da-MC merges the fields of information technology and hip hop, taking listeners on a voyage of both information and rhythm.


Hamlet-B-Da-MC (H.A.M)

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