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by Drea Mon'e

One of the talented female artists Drea Mon’e from Los Angeles, CA released her most recent English record “Petty” in 2021 proving her promising talent in the industry. “Petty”, is an amazing Contemporary R&B track and a Neo-soul production with a powerful tune and lyrics. This can be considered unique, especially the unpredictable lyrics. Vocally, Drea keeps things simple and subdued, especially for her standards.

The build up is bombastic, the vocals are bigger than life and the hooks are undeniable. The lyrics are about confronting her ex who told she’ll never find someone like him again, after finding the best man for her life.
The power ballad is a powerful one, dealing with the loss of a person close to you and confronting them one day strong as well as successfully. It is hard not to feel all the feels when Drea belts out the lyrics “ I’m not over it.. And I’m never gonna forget.. How you said I’ll never find another better than you.. Who knew… he’d end up being your best friend”. This song must be close to most of the listeners heart and the artist sings it with emotive vocals and a whole lot of passion. The track will surely leave a huge impression in the listener’s mind particularly with the impact of the powerful lyrics.

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