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by Marije

Marije, the trailblazing Dutch artist hailing from Switzerland, unleashes a sonic storm with her latest single “Phantom,” exclusively on airwaves near you. Evolving from mainstream pop to her true calling in rock and metal, Marije’s musical metamorphosis is nothing short of electrifying.

“Phantom” erupts with a wall of guitars, plunging into an early-2000s inspired alternative rock frenzy. Marije’s vocals soar as she navigates the labyrinth of mixed signals from her beloved. With every chord and lyric, she delivers raw emotion and unbridled passion.

From her humble beginnings to captivating reality TV audiences, Marije’s journey is as inspiring as her music. Embracing motherhood in 2022, she refuses to let anything dim her artistic fire. “Phantom” marks a new chapter in her rock odyssey, showcasing her evolving style and indomitable spirit.

Join Marije on this exhilarating musical ride as she reignites the flames of rock and metal with “Phantom,” a testament to her unwavering dedication and boundless talent.

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