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by Young Cardi

Leonardo Schlereth is professionally known as Young Cardi. He is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born and raised in Monaco, where from a young age he has always been heavily involved with the music world, He then started pursuing his passion intensely at the age of 16. He now has released his first music video, for his single “PISSED OFF” which was released on the 13th of May 2022.

“PISSED OFF” is a huge song by “Young Cardi”, hoping for the perfect introduction to super loud sound and the beginning of something special. You listen to many songs during the day, but when you hear something that performs with absolute, undoubted passion and emotional power, it hits hard. Its rap power depends on the size of the hook and the strength of the lead singer and the accompanying voice.

Young Cardi’s “PISSED OFF”, makes for a beautiful introduction to the artist’s music and songwriting for those who are yet to stumble upon it. The delicacy and evolving warmth of the song create the perfect rap ambience within which listeners can find themselves calmed and comforted. Young Cardi’s voice leads with a certain softness that appears undoubtedly genuine, and with that comes an inclination to really listen to the lyrics – at which point the authenticity of his writing and his whole approach to creativity reaches even greater heights.

There’s a refreshing touch of nostalgia to this track. It’s refreshing in that it feels new, relevant to now, and exciting. It’s nostalgic in that there was once a time when the musician commonly utilized this approach to express similar feelings. What’s clever about this song is the way the set-up underlines the concept, adding to the freshness.

I’m a fan of this song, it’s addictive. It’s refreshing to hear something a little more left than expected. It also offers listeners a welcome reminder of the classic rap style approach to music and performance, which is often not seen in modern music. Its essence is very well grasped by Young Cardi.


Young Cardi

Young Cardi

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