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by Jboz

Jboz is an American recording artist based in San Diego, Ca. He creates music with the hope of inspiring the next generation to pursue their dreams and always enjoy the journey. He hopes his music will shine a light on helping others endure all difficulties and the ultimate potential and purpose of everyone in life.

“Diamonds” is all about “chasing the uncertainty”. “Diamonds” is the artist’s first release in 2022. In life, there will be stops, setbacks, detours, and growth. It’s all a part of the process. Just keep going.

According to the production, this amazing soul works hard to be creative with his music – it’s not just about the drop or the sample, it’s about building something that strikes hard and allows you to totally escape at the moment. When you first listen, the first thing that captures you is the freshness and overall energy of the music. Second, pay attention to that description, that complexity – Jboz builds his racetracks by putting only the most relevant element one on top of the other. Everything from that voice opening, to the lead sound, to the light but quick nature of the beat – it all works together to create this atmosphere around you.

The video for “Diamonds” has been able to provide high quality, continuous storyline visuals with similar parts drama and antiquity. There is a great vibe throughout this entire track and once you listen to it, as an audience, we are sure you will all love the track. This racetrack reaches out to connect with anyone passing through those highs and lows as the world continues to spin. The feeling from the moment the music starts to play is kind of uplifting in itself – there is a way to make even the saddest of RnB titles a little lighter or easier to handle. The accompanying video is at once amazing, engaging and creative. Stay tuned with Jboz to see many more amazing works in the near future.

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