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Plead The Fifth

by Terrance Hill

While being the president and founder of Double ETV ,Terrance Hill also works as an artist who considers his own music as his heartbeat. Being a person with a great passion for music, Terrance is ought to be found in the gym, working on Double ETV or with his wife if not found writing or recording music. Gill’s mission in life is to inspire the whole community with positivity and inspiration. Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, Hill contributes his talents of organizing music in hip hop, rap, R&B and Trap fields of music industry. He recently released his latest work which is titled as “Plead The Fifth”. It is a two minute and twenty two seconds music video that awakens the hip hop and rap music passions of the listeners.
The song starts off with a captivating stream of sounds blended with an amazing strum of beats. This music and the beat continues from the beginning to the end of the song and the wordings are embedded to this beat and the music in a captivating manner. Thus, the lyrics and the vocals of the singer get mixed up brilliantly throughout the song to make this music piece perfect. The lyrics are simple and meaningful and therefore it is obvious that hip hop lovers will fall for this song at their first hearing.
Moreover, the vocals of the singer are superb and amazing. They give life to the wordings of the song. Perhaps, one can say that Terrance Hill was born to uplift the hip hop music industry. The manner in which he balances his voice and the way how Hill chants the lyrics without any intervals make him a brilliant and a perfect rapper. Besides, it is evident why he considers his own music as his heartbeat.
So if you too are searching for a music piece which gives goosebumps, listen to “Plead The Fifth” by Terrance Hill now.

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