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by Mosaic

Mosaic, a band hailing from Bristol, has released their latest pop rock smash, “R U OK?” Mosaic has found success by fusing pop punk, pop rock, indie rock, and alternative rock into a sound that is both distinctive and accessible.

Mosaic deserves the praise that has been heaped upon them, and the comparisons to legendary groups like McFly, Weezer, Press to MECO, and Blink 182. Their live shows are very impressive, and no one ever leaves a Mosaic concert without a grin on their face.

A simple “R U OK?” can convey a profound and life-changing question. The song’s title asks a simple question: “are you okay?” It was written during the Covid epidemic. Mosaic’s memorable melody emphasizes the value of keeping in touch with loved ones. The lyrics explore scenarios in which a phone call might have made a difference. Mosaic’s “R U OK?” is more than just a feel-good song; it’s a reminder of the significance of human connection.

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