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by Pinchoche X ZIZZ

PINCHOCHE’s new album, “VAMPIMOXXA,” is expected to disrupt the urban music scene in Mexico City. This 20 year old rising star is generating buzz with his unique fusion of Neoperreo, Dembow, and reggaeton.

PINCHOCHE, based in the center of Mexico City, offers a new and different take on the musical landscape. His path started in 2017, and in 2023, “VAMPIMOXXA” would be released after much anticipation. PINCHOCHE’s distinctive sound and active role in making his own music videos set him unique.

A combination of his long standing nickname “choche” with the word “pinche,” the name “PINCHOCHE” is a reflection of his one-of-a-kind fashion sense and demeanor.

The song “VAMPIMOXXA” was inspired by a medieval-themed party at a derelict factory and describes a captivating encounter with a girl who exudes vampiric charm. The song is not only a fantastic example of PINCHOCHE’s musical talent but also perfectly captures the spirit of the occasion.

With “VAMPIMOXXA,” PINCHOCHE encourages fans of Mexico City’s urban music scene to fully immerse themselves in his innovative sound.

Pinchoche X ZIZZ

Pinchoche X ZIZZ

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