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Real Boy

by Izakman

In the bustling port city of Jaffa, where the waves echo tales of ages past, a musical visionary named Izakman creates a symphony of psychedelic rock, glam rock, and Britpop. His latest offering, “Real Boy (Live Session),” is a sonic odyssey that transcends reality itself.

Izakman, a young troubadour and award-winning animator, has crafted a world where music and art converge. From his Jaffa-based studio, he weaves a tapestry of sound that envelops listeners in a kaleidoscope of emotions. As the alter ego of Itamar Isaak, he invites us to explore the deepest recesses of our souls, much like a voyage through a simulated reality.

Izakman’s creative journey, rooted in an anglophile upbringing with South African ties, has led him to “Real Boy.” This track, a rock ‘n’ roll reimagining of Pinocchio, celebrates growth and self-fulfillment. It’s an anthem of transformation, a journey from darkness to light.

“Real Boy (Live Session)” is not just a song; it’s a revelation. It inspires optimism, reminding us that we can emerge from the shadows into our true selves. Izakman’s music is the beacon of hope we all need, a testament to the power of belief and self-discovery.

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