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by Joe Amir

Get ready to be captivated by “Umbrella ROCK VERSION | Rihanna – Guitar Cover by Joe,” a fresh take on Rihanna’s chart-topping single. The original pop anthem has been given a rock makeover by the brilliant Joe, who performs a version of the song that is fueled by rousing guitar riffs.

Joe shows off his formidable guitar talents and creatively reimagines the timeless Rihanna hit in the music video for “Umbrella ROCK VERSION,” available on YouTube. Joe breathes new life into this classic by adding sophisticated guitar riffs, thrilling solos, and a rock-influenced arrangement.

Joe’s love of music is clear in his guitar cover, which pays tribute to Rihanna’s original while adding some rock flavor of its own. His powerful interpretation is a must-see for any fan of pop or rock music, thanks to his tremendous talent and charismatic delivery.

Hear how “Umbrella ROCK VERSION | Rihanna – Guitar Cover by Joe” breathes fresh life into an old favorite with a blend of pop and rock. Prepare to rock out and revel in this fresh take on a contemporary standard.

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