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Rocking Into Midnight

by Sanjay Michael

Sanjay Michael, a musician based in Singapore, has released a new single titled “Rocking Into Midnight,” which takes listeners on a trip back in time to the golden age of classic rock. A high-octane tribute to the enduring strength of rock ‘n’ roll, this song features memorable riffs and a chorus that encapsulates the spirit of rock’s heyday.

Before moving to the United States, Sanjay lived in Malaysia and Australia, where he discovered the raw intensity of rock music and began his musical adventure. His goal, with “Rocking Into Midnight,” is to revive vintage rock while adding his own unique spin. This music is a taste of what’s to come on his next album of the same name, which will feature a compilation of songs with a throwback, soulful rock sound.

Released on May 12, 2023, “Rocking Into Midnight” is a representation of Sanjay’s commitment to preserving rock’s legacy. The single’s catchy melodies and upbeat sentiments will appeal to both longtime rock fans and others curious to check out the genre for the first time. Sanjay Michael’s dedication to a classic style of music in an ever-changing musical landscape is a welcome reminder that rock ‘n’ roll will never die.

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