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Can’t get out of my skin

by Hei'An

Hei’An, a Slovenian post-progressive metal band, will take you on a dramatic musical journey with their spellbinding live performance of their song “can’t get out of my skin.” The band’s distinctive fusion of metal, rock, metalcore, and progressive styles results in a compelling listening experience that is both stylistically varied and emotionally powerful.

Hei’An, led by Matic Blagoni, takes its audience on a musical journey that defies categorization. Their music combines progressive metal, post-metal, and post-rock influences to create a tapestry of complex rhythms, stirring chord progressions, and passionate vocal performances. “can’t get out of my skin” exemplifies their skill in composing music that flows from one aspect to the next while yet striking an emotional chord.

The live performance at EastWest Studios is a great example of the band’s talent, bringing to life their sophisticated, emotionally charged song. Every note of this enthralling performance demonstrates Hei’An’s dedication to providing an unforgettable musical experience. As the band continues to experiment with new sounds and styles, “can’t get out of my skin” is a powerful representation of their own musical vision and maturity as musicians.

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