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“Satisfied” is the newly released music video by the famous and talented artist COBRA DS. COBRA DS, who is not only an artist, but also a sportsman, was born in UAE and he possesses a great sense of passion for hip hop, Rap, R&B and Trap styles of music. His latest release “Satisfied” is indeed a great piece of work which was directed by himself. It is a two minutes and fifteen seconds music video and it is a combination of Rap and Hip Hop styles of music. This music piece conveys the fact that people obviously may need to break free from their own cages.
The song starts off with a weird stream of music arousing curiosity among its listeners. Even though the music at the end seems hysterical, an interesting stream of music which is blended with a perfect strum of beats appears towards the middle of the song. Perhaps, the rhythm and tune used in “Satisfied” elevates the enthusiasm of the listeners for the hip hop and the rap music. The lyrics of the song are so meaningful, that COBRA DS has successfully accomplished in taking his song to the heart of the listeners. They convey a powerful message to the whole world and teach that “self satisfaction” is one of the most significant aspects that every human being need in life.
The vocals of COBRA DS are pretty amazing, one can at a stretch can say that his voice is made for raps and hip hops. Thus, the voice is so powerful and strong and it ideally gives life to the wordings of the song. Consequently, his voice is something that should be highly admired. Visuals of the songs also perform a great duty in making “satisfied” captivating.

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