Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Sirius B Da Galaxy

“Macarena” is the newly released music video by the famous and talented artist Sirius B Da Galaxy. Da Galaxy was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and he possesses a great passion for hip hop, rap, R&B and trap styles of music. His life was a misery for him after his mother’s death yet, he accomplished in making his life successful by stepping into the music industry and working on his own since he was 16 years old. Thus, Da Galaxy is a true inspiration for many people in the present community. Now he is also known as “Hiphop Da Galaxy” and despite the fact that he is popular in the name “HipHop Da galaxy”, he is also a Down South rapper escorted by a heavy metal/ trap rap influence.
“Macarena” is a two minute and fifty nine seconds music video that was directed by BXR FILMS, produced by Young Kio and DEV has contributed in mixing. The song starts off with a stream of strange music and that hints out the mental music that will be anchored soon and arouses the interest among the listeners. The vocals of the singer, blended with the stream of music is extraordinarily superb. The vocals are much stronger and get mixed well with the tunes. The lyrics are quite captivating and vocals successfully give aliveness to the wordings throughout the song. Thus, from the beginning to the very last second, the vocals of the singer make the listeners feel that they are also a part of the song.
The visuals of “Macarena” should also be highly admired. They bridge the gap between words and the music of the song. Consequently, the listeners are taken to another world full of imaginations and illusions through this amazing piece of work. So, if you too need to exist in another world accompanied by metal music, listen to “Macarena” by now itself.

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