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Self Proclaimed

by Pricelexs & Kashi Music

Denver, Colorado, has long been a hub for underground artistry, and Pricelexs is no exception. Teaming up with Kashi Music, they’ve created a seismic wave with their latest release, “Self Proclaimed.”

Pricelexs has been a notable figure in the Denver underground scene, making a name for himself with his unorthodox flows set against harsh industrial production. What sets him apart is not just his musical prowess but his influence in the skate community, where his tracks have ignited the passion of young skaters throughout Denver.

While Pricelexs and Kashi Music have worked together on various projects, “Self Proclaimed” is poised to be a game-changer. The duo’s previous collaboration on “Endless” generated over 250,000 streams across Spotify and other platforms, showcasing their capacity to resonate with a broader audience.

Denver’s underground music scene continues to thrive, and Pricelexs & Kashi Music’s “Self Proclaimed” is the latest testament to the city’s creative energy. It’s a track that not only pays homage to their roots but also propels them forward in the ever-evolving world of hip-hop and rap.

Pricelexs & Kashi Music

Pricelexs & Kashi Music

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