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No Asking

by Quilo

Immerse yourself in QUILO LMLW’s colorful universe in the recently released music video for “No Asking.” This song not only packs a sonic wallop, but also offers a captivatingly detailed visual experience.

Marquis Davis, better known by his stage name QUILO LMLW, is the brains behind the New Jersey hip-hop crew Long Money Long Ways. His influence on the music industry has been unprecedented. His ability to incorporate real-life challenges into upbeat, melodic hip-hop storytelling is a hallmark of his style.

The music video for “No Asking” features QUILO’s daring style and eclectic sound as it transports the viewer through various cityscapes. It’s proof of his natural ability and unmistakable charisma, two qualities that have propelled him to the forefront of his field.

The impact of QUILO is felt well beyond its New Jersey home, permeating major cities with thriving music scenes such as New York, Miami, Atlanta, and Detroit. With “No Asking,” he’s further establishing himself as a major player in the hip-hop industry.

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