Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by zbrah

‘Semblance’ is one of zbrahs creative tracks. The track music combination is perfect. The beat is superb and doesn’t have hard music and this is interesting to hear. This single ‘semblance’ not only sounds like a guaranteed hit, but it also demonstrates new musical elements that he describes as an evolution of his sound. The track has the perfect blend of soulful & melodic EDM for us and is music for the festivals & clubs of the world. zbrah is a courageous artist because he achieved this goal himself, he did various things to brush up his talents. He is not only a singer, he can dance and act cleverly.

zbrah is a Los Angeles based multi talented artist who is originally from Vancouver, Washington. His passion is unique. He is a newcomer to this industry. Growing up, he was always described as mischievous, exploratory and imaginative. These traits helped zbrah to develop and eventually lead to the study of performing arts, dance and the arts. Due to his passion for acting, he appeared in many music videos, independent films and modeling.zbrah’s artistic background combined with a different perspective on the world.

And also his next journey, which did not stop discovering, came to the world of music. With the boundless musical genres and sounds of today and the era, he evolved himself with more and more inventions and curiosities. He first began to create experimental and cinematic music for his art films, and later began to explore the field of dance, creating music that blended different genres. Music was another stream for him to tell a story, to express emotions and to channel energy. His passion for music is apparent in co-hosting a dance music variety live radio show.

His passion is to learn and explore limitlessly. zbrah takes inspiration from home, technology, the pit, trans and funk but never limits himself to being “stuck in a box”. He likes to do various things. That’s why his creations are uncommon. Listen to his creations on spotify. And support him to go on a long journey in the music field.



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