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Shibuya Love

by Tokyo Blazin'

Tokyo Blazin’ lights up the music scene with their latest track, “Shibuya Love.” This Reggae Rock sensation hailing from the heart of Tokyo, Japan, delivers sunshine vibes and feel-good rhythms. Formerly known as “Sans Danesin,” Tokyo Blazin’ rebranded and released their debut EP, “Phoenix Rising,” in 2022, followed by the groovy “Cookies” in July 2023.

Dive into the world of Tokyo Blazin’, a 4-piece band featuring members from the UK, Spain, Australia, and the USA. Influenced by the likes of Sublime, Magic!, and Rebelution, they craft a unique sound that resonates with fans worldwide. “Ma Love,” the second single from the EP “Cookies,” captures the essence of their infectious music. Let Tokyo Blazin’ take you on a musical journey filled with love, rhythm, and the vibrant energy of Shibuya.

Tokyo Blazin'

Tokyo Blazin'

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