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Artilect 016

by MMZ

Dive into the mesmerizing world of MMZ, the Winnipeg-based maestro, as he drops “Artilect 016: DJ Mix.” With a passion ignited in the halls of his brother’s music store, MMZ (aka Jeff Wills) takes you on an auditory adventure through the realms of melodic techno, indie dance, and progressive house.

Co-founder of INSTITUTION, MMZ’s musical evolution began in 1999 at Guvernment in Toronto, sparking a love for underground sounds that would shape the soundtrack of his life. From DJing socials in Sioux Lookout to crafting signature mixes of intense, eclectic techno, MMZ’s sonic journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

In 2016, an epiphany at Amsterdam Dance Event led to the birth of INSTITUTION, promoting Winnipeg’s underground scene and supporting Canadian electronic artists. With “Artilect 016,” MMZ invites you to connect with his true and selfless love for electronic music – a journey worth experiencing.

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