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Slow Motion
PrismLabs feat. CxC
PrismLabs ft CxC

Slow Motion

by PrismLabs ft CxC

The up andcoming Hollywood, California pop and dance music artist PrismLabs collaborated with CxC on their recent single “Slow Motion.” The song and its accompanying music video have gained popularity due to its memorable chorus and danceable tempo. Infused with the distinctive vocals of PrismLabs and the silky rap verses of CxC, “Slow Motion” is an infectious blend of pop and hip-hop that will have its listeners on the dance floor.

“Slow Motion” continues PrismLabs’ tradition of upbeat, uplifting, and euphoric music. The message of the song’s lyrics to soak up every second of the present and revel in the beauty of the world as it is right now has won over listeners all around the world. The success of “Slow Motion” is a reflection of PrismLabs’ talent and dedication to making music that can unite people. Watch the music video on YouTube and follow PrismLabs on Instagram to stay up to date.


PrismLabs feat. CxC

PrismLabs ft CxC

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