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Somebody (Just Like You)

by Brenyama

Embark on a musical journey as Brenyama emerges from the Arizona desert with “Somebody (Just Like You).” Rooted in the rugged landscapes of New Jersey, Brenyama’s sound weaves the primal essence of 60s garage rock with the experimental fervor of alternative and new wave.

With two full-length albums under the hallowed halls of Good Charamel Records, Brenyama’s sonic trail now takes a new direction against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Arizona desert. This is more than a song; it’s a harmonious collision of vintage rebellion and contemporary exploration.

“Somebody (Just Like You)” encapsulates Brenyama’s rebirth, forging tracks that channel the rebellious spirit of yesteryear while pushing the boundaries of modern sound. Brace yourself for a desert-inspired sonic odyssey, where Brenyama invites you to witness their evolution amidst the cacti and heatwaves of Mesa, AZ.

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