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Song to the Siren


HVPPY DEVTH is a group of creative artists who aspire to push the frontiers of artistic creativity to their utmost. Inspired by 4AD and This Mortal Coil, their recent album “Song to the Siren” is a cover that highlights the band’s members’ talent. The single, which features Bahadir Demiralay on vocals and a production and composition team that includes Roger Jarvis, Nabil Kassem, HexRx, and Rob Robinson, is the first of many to come.

Bahadir Demiralay directed and illustrated the “Song to the Siren” music video, which comprises over 1200 frames of digitally painted animation. The video-making process taught him that being an artist involves dedication, hard work, love, passion, and wisdom. The beauty of the song represents how he feels, and they hope that by covering it, they may inspire people to enjoy the original masterpiece.

“Song to the Siren” by HVPPY DEVTH is a must-listen for everyone who appreciates artistic expression and musical ingenuity.

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