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My Revolution

by Red Bird Rising

The Colombian alternative/indie rock band Red Bird Rising has just dropped a rousing new single titled “My Revolution.” Featuring a diverse array of instruments and musical contributors, this song serves as both a love ballad and a message against war. Among the many people that helped create this masterpiece are the Ukrainian husband and wife team of Taras Kuznetsov (lead vocals) and Ana Pshokina (bass). There’s an undeniable sense of urgency permeating the track, and the song has been called an enormous project and a collective effort.

Red Bird Rising’s faith in music’s revolutionary potential is made clear in “My Revolution.” The song’s brazen poetry, robust arrangement, and talented musicians provide an unforgettable listen. Odessa, which was under constant threat of Russian missile attacks, also hosted the filming of an official music video. Anyone who claims to be into alternative or indie rock should give “My Revolution” a listen.


Red Bird Rising

Red Bird Rising

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