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Suit Up!

by Riser

“Suit Up!”, the new soul gospel single released by Riser, is a strong flowing, easy listening track that is refreshed with genuine emotion. I consider it ‘easy listening’ because it is so comforting to listen to. I consider, ‘genuine emotion’ because as Riser sings you can feel the words penetrating your heart. I found this track ” Suit Up! ” to be spiritually stirring as well as musically motivating. The voice is glorious and powerful. Her singing is polished, yet touching. Most importantly, the song writing is impressive! “Suit Up” stands out as one of the most comforting and is already provoking quite a sentimental stir in the hearts of the listeners. These lines, found in her new song, sum it up nicely.

“In the belly of the whale, I cried
And you heard and answered me
Be strong in the lord
In the power of his might
Take on the armour of God and fight
Suit up!”

Nicely written. There is no denying that the artist is a proficient singer and this whole single was contentment to listen to. As I listened, I found her singing to be relieving to the ear, especially the lyrics are mesmerising to the heart. Focusing on the music of this remarkable gospel track in itself is extremely impressive. I found myself needing to sing along to the tune “Suit Up” but I opted rather to praise God on my favourite instrument, the air drums. This is a song, which is worth listening to if you’re feeling down and out, as it will lift you right out of depression!

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