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Better Off

by Riser

Riser released his new song, “Better Off”, an amazing track that holds a deep meaning most of the listeners would love to listen to. “Better Off” is different from his previous releases, as it is all about how you feel after saying goodbye to a toxic relationship. More importantly, this song has an incredible Country touch with the amazing vocal of the artist that has a crispness to it. Moreover, The artist expresses how he feels to be freed from his toxic lover, without filtering his emotions. Moreover, there is something extremely interesting about the tone of the lyrics as the artists convey his gratitude for God saving him from an unhealthy relationship. Even the listeners who are not fond of country music would undoubtedly relish this masterpiece as the excellent performance the artist is giving here. When you hear the catchy lyrics, “no more putting up with your nagging and bitching… Now I’m free to find my true happy ending… thank God, I dodged a bullet… thank God, I’m better off” you know exactly what the song is about, and this gives a sense of encouragement if you doubt you are upset over ending a toxic relationship. Overall, both sonically and lyrically “Better Off” highlights the power of the artist’s music artistry in a remarkable way. It is definitely one of the best songs Riser has ever released.

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