Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by The One Tonic

In the ever-evolving world of music, The One Tonic stands out as a captivating blend of electro-pop, indie-electronic, and chill pop, taking you on a musical journey that’s anthemic and soul-stirring.

Headed by the acclaimed musician Matt Soren, The One Tonic is more than just music; it’s a sonic revelation that merges the likes of Muse and Imagine Dragons with an eccentric twist that’s uniquely Matt. With a dash of A.D.D., The One Tonic is a delightful rollercoaster of sound, inviting you to savor the beautiful chaos of life.

But what truly sets The One Tonic apart is its commitment to making a difference. A portion of all net proceeds from ticket sales, products, and merchandise will directly support organizations that empower families and help individuals battle addiction and mental illness.

“Surrender (Lyric Video)” is not just a song; it’s an anthem for a cause. It’s an invitation to surrender to the music and surrender to the power of making a positive impact on the world. The One Tonic’s mission is to uplift, inspire, and be the soundtrack to the betterment of lives.

From the vibrant musical scene of Salt Lake City, Utah, The One Tonic is creating more than melodies; they’re crafting a movement of change. So, join the journey, surrender to the music, and be part of something bigger with The One Tonic.

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