Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Acediac

Prepare to groove to the mesmerizing sounds of Acediac’s latest song, “Cabo.” This dynamic track effortlessly blends R&B, Electronic, and Dance genres, creating a unique and captivating musical experience.

Acediac, fronted by the talented duo Amy Ragan and Olivia Orth, explores a fusion of traditions rooted in dance, soul, jazz, and funk, weaving them into a singular strand of pop music. “Cabo” showcases their ethereal grooves with a modern perspective, making it a delightful addition to your playlist.

Hailing from Santa Fe and Boston, Acediac’s music encapsulates a sense of tangled love, beautifully portraying the conflict of foraying into the world of mainstream pop while still being drawn to their experimental roots. “Cabo” is a harmonious blend of beachy vibes and dark undertones, appealing to a broad audience while retaining its unique experimental essence.

Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting sounds of “Cabo” and join Acediac on this musical journey that pushes the boundaries of traditional genres.

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