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Talking To Angels

by Frank Poelman - Next Avenue Band

Talking To Angels

Next Avenue Band, fronted by songwriter Frank Poelman, offers “Talking to Angels,” a compelling piece that displays the band’s command of Blues, Rock, Pop, and Jazzfunk. The band, with members based in Belgium and Cebu, features a vibrant blend of musical styles. Frank Poelman, a gifted guitarist, occasionally sings backup, but it is the exceptional female performers who really bring the heart and soul to the music. Next Avenue’s original and cover songs span a wide spectrum of musical genres, from rock anthems to emotional ballads, and the band frequently incorporates funk and soul into their sound. The band is now concentrating on recording, but they are looking forward to playing live shows where their high-energy sets and catchy rhythms will surely win over crowds. Listen to Next Avenue as they dazzle with a sound that combines blues, rock, pop, and jazzfunk.

Frank Poelman - Next Avenue Band

Frank Poelman - Next Avenue Band

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