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Don’t Play

by Adam Randy

Adam Randy, a singer-songwriter based in Baltimore, has released a new single titled “Don’t Play.” Adam’s music, which combines elements of pop rock, transports listeners to bygone eras while also sounding thoroughly modern.

Adam Randy’s music combines the accessible melodies of pop with the heartfelt depth of soft rock, evoking the classic sounds of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. His songs are full of upbeat, happy lyrics that he hopes will inspire others. Adam’s love of music is palpable in his performances, which are both upbeat and full of life.

Adam Randy’s music has been described as a synthesis of The Brill Building and The British Invasion, of bubblegum pop from the 1960s and the contemplative soft rock of the 1970s. While providing a unique spin on the genre, his compositions sound instantly recognizable and nostalgic.

Adam Randy’s “Don’t Play” will immerse you in a world of timeless tunes and wonderful sentiments, so get ready to embrace its energizing spirit. From Baltimore to the world, Adam is ready to leave his impact on the pop rock landscape.


Adam Randy

Adam Randy

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