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That’s Life

by Erik Devine

Erik Devine is an Australian musician who writes storytelling style hip-hop/ rap music filled with wordplay to make the listeners think twice about each sentence and a crazy flow to keep them guessing. Born into a household of domestic violence and drug/alcohol abuse, over time music has become an outlet to the artist. The artist makes Listeners hear him speak about how he used music to escape life’s issues throughout this song. This year the artist shocked fans with the release of his latest hip hop trap rap, ” That’s Life”. This track is awesome enough to blow listeners’ minds because “That’s Life” is an energetic creation due to how Erik experimented with amazing styles of rap. Particularly, he uses fast beats and flows to set the theme in the song on how Erik wants to rap the lyrics. “That’s Life” grabs listeners attention because it is about the artist and his vision about and various complications a human undergoes. Erik’s vocal contribution amplifies the song because his vocals provide excitement and meaning. His vocals generate a serious vibe throughout the track. Erik Devine is a lyrical genius and he did a great job with referencing his life and lyrics in a subtle way.The craziest part of “That’s Life” is how fast Erik raps till the end of the song. The way he raps indicates how proficient he is as an artist. Numerous upcoming artists can rap just as fast as Erik. However, the artist manages to set himself apart from the others by outperforming them. The artist set the bar high because his rap flow remains attuned to the beat of the music. Overall, “That’s Life” is a striking song and it is worth a listen if you are into music that will astound you with a decent message.

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Erik Devine

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