Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Paper

Upcoming famous artist ‘Paper’ released his new music video called “CLERGY”. He is a talented rapper who comes from greenwood, south Carolina. Almost every one of his songs is embraced by the audience. Because he sings to feel the heart of the audience.

“CLERGY” is a song off his upcoming album known as Paper Paul Cuffee. He is also signed under Uncut entertainment films as well as his song is authorized to YouTube by TuneCore on behalf of the signed label. The artist significantly sings about the need for liberation in our lives. He elaborates on how freedom is aligned to an individual thought in each and every situation and life circumstances.

Shakira also contributes vocals to this creative music video. The combination of paper and sharika’s vocals heard at the beginning of the song is amazing. And also the song beat is superb, matching this concept. The video is creative and quality. When you listen or watch this song, undoubtedly you will fall in love with the tune of this song.

Paper is a singer who has won the hearts of many fans. He always tries to do the best thing for his fans. Because most people like his style as well as passion. This vocal tone is another taste. He learnt many things through his music career. That is why he is a talented singer.

Finally, Stay with paper to enjoy his latest songs. I hope you will be excited about his style.

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