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The Place Where We Belong

by Frank Poelman

Frank Poelman, a talented musician and a proud member of the Next Avenue Band, has embarked on a musical exploration that delves deep into the human soul. Hailing from a rich background in the blues-rock genre, Frank’s passion for storytelling through instrumental compositions shines brilliantly in his latest creation, “The Place Where We Belong.”

This soul-stirring piece is not just music; it’s a testament to the idea that our sense of belonging transcends geographical boundaries. Frank’s composition reminds us that home can be a place, a person, or a passion. In a world where we often search for our place in the grand puzzle of life, “The Place Where We Belong” serves as a musical guide, gently leading us towards that elusive sense of belonging.

Frank Poelman’s mastery of the blues-rock genre is evident in every note of this instrumental masterpiece. The song weaves an emotional narrative without the need for words, resonating with listeners on a profound level. With the stirring melodies and dynamic guitar work, Frank transports us to the very heart of his musical soul.

For those who appreciate the raw, emotive power of blues rock, “The Place Where We Belong” is a must-listen. It’s an invitation to explore your own sense of belonging and the beautiful journey that it entails. Frank Poelman’s talent is not just in his guitar; it’s in his ability to connect with the listener’s heart, one powerful note at a time.

So, take a moment to lose yourself in the captivating world of “The Place Where We Belong” and let Frank Poelman’s music guide you on a journey of self-discovery and belonging.

Next Avenue Band - Cebu Philippines

Frank Poelman

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