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The Unknown

by Fia Rose

Step into the world of emotions with “The Unknown” by the talented Fia Rose, now echoing through the airwaves on your favorite station. Hailing from the creative hub of Los Angeles, California, Fia Rose brings a dynamic fusion of Pop, Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Singer-Songwriter, and Indie Rock.

At just 18, Fia Rose is a musical prodigy who started crafting songs at the tender age of 6. Her journey, marked by passion, extends beyond music into acting and writing. “The Unknown” delves into the universal fear of growing up and the empowering journey of self-belief. As a Gen Z artist, Fia captures the essence of her peers, making this song a relatable anthem for those navigating the uncertainties of adolescence. Written and recorded during her senior year of high school, “The Unknown” is a heartfelt testament to the challenges and triumphs of youth.

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