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Welcome to the ethereal realm of “WELCOME TO ZYRALAND | AMBIENT #1 (BEHRINGER, MOOG, ARTURIA, ELEKTRON) 493.88 Hz” by the enigmatic ZYRANOX, now enchanting frequencies on your favorite station. Dive into the celestial embrace of Ambiental New Age Music, meticulously crafted for relaxation, study, meditation, and sleep.

ZYRANOX invites you to explore a sonic landscape woven with the delicate threads of Neutron, Moog Mother 32, Crave, Model D, Wasp, Cat, and Arturia Microfreak. Guided by the master clock of Ableton and seamlessly mixed on a MIDAS DM console, this composition is a celestial journey.

Let the pedals of Strymon and Microcosm enhance your auditory experience, transcending the ordinary. “WELCOME TO ZYRALAND” is not just a song; it’s an invitation to a tranquil haven, a place where each note is a whisper in the cosmic symphony. Allow ZYRANOX to be your guide in this ambient odyssey.

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