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This Time Baby

by Wibby White

Miami-born artist Wibby White is making waves in the music world with his latest hit, “This Time Baby.” Wibby White’s musical journey takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride, combining EDM, pop, disco, and soul to create a hot new party anthem.

Wibby White’s roots reflect his diverse cultural heritage, extending from the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Cuba to the United Kingdom, England. His experiences in Jamaica left an indelible mark, instilling a deep appreciation for the opportunities America offers, a place where his family aspired to be a part of.

A graduate of North Miami Beach Senior High School and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale College, Wibby White majored in music management and honed his skills in audio engineering, promotion, and music production. After performing in clubs around Miami, he started his own production and publishing companies. Now, with the release of “This Time Baby,” Wibby White is bringing his unique fusion of EDM and pop to the world of disco and soul.

“This Time Baby” is more than just a song; it’s a retro disco masterpiece. Filled with flair and personality, it’s rapidly becoming the new party anthem, gracing clubs across the country and gaining airplay on various platforms. From the California Music Channel to Video Hits in New York and Chubb Show in South Carolina to OKTV in Germany, the song’s popularity knows no bounds.

Wibby White’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres demonstrates his versatility and creativity. “This Time Baby” is a testament to his musical prowess and his commitment to delivering innovative tracks that captivate audiences worldwide. With this electrifying party anthem, Wibby White has once again proven that his music transcends boundaries and brings people together in celebration.

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