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Bad Thoughts

by DUMAZ ft Feez

German music scene, brace yourselves for a dynamic musical collaboration. Dumaz and Feez have come together to drop a new hip-hop and rap track titled “Bad Thoughts.” These talented artists, hailing from Munich, Germany, have joined forces to create a song that’s already making waves.

While the artists prefer to let their music do the talking, it’s evident that this collaboration is something special. Dumaz and Feez are known for their unique styles, blending powerful lyrics with catchy beats. “Bad Thoughts” delves into the depths of their creativity, bringing forth a track that’s both thought-provoking and ear-catching.

Germany has a rich and diverse music scene, and Dumaz and Feez are adding to its vibrancy with their compelling take on hip-hop and rap. As artists continue to push boundaries and experiment with their sounds, “Bad Thoughts” stands as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of music.

Stay tuned for “Bad Thoughts” as it’s set to drop and make a mark in the world of German hip-hop and rap. Dumaz and Feez are ready to take their listeners on a musical journey, and their collaboration promises to leave a lasting impact on the scene.

DUMAZ ft Feez

DUMAZ ft Feez

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