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Time to Let Go

by Reginiano

An original song and accompanying music video titled “Time to Let Go” have been released by the acclaimed Israeli musician Reginiano. This song’s mesmerizing guitar and ney (an Arabic flute) interplay will take you away to the wide deserts of the Middle East. When combined with the soaring melodies of the ney, the guitar’s warm, rich tones create a hypnotic dance that conjures images of a desert daybreak in all its golden splendor.

Apollonia National Park in Israel served as the backdrop for the music video, which was filmed in and around the park’s seashore and an ancient mosque housing priceless relics. The uplifting message of the song is conveyed without any words at all, leaving most of the emotion to the instrumental accompaniment.

With elements of folk, rock, jazz, classical, and even world music, Reginiano’s music is truly one of a kind. He is a multi-talented musician that plays multiple instruments, sings, and collaborates with other artists as well as writing, composing, and arranging his own material. Listening to “Time to Let Go” can help you accept life and learn to let go when you’re going against the current.



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