Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Kill the Burr

With his new album “VOICELESS,” Toronto’s alternative musician Kill the Burr is poised to make waves in the music business. KTB has released a new song called “DOMINATE” in advance of the album. The song fuses alternative, hip-hop, rap, electronica, pop, punk, and metal into a unique whole. This song is a great example of KTB’s signature style, which combines elements of alternative rock with industrial pop, alternative hip-hop, and r&b/soul. If you’re in the market for new and intriguing music, “DOMINATE” is an absolute must-hear.

Without any outside influence, Kill the Burr has recorded and produced all of their music itself. The final product is an audible expression of the call to “be a Voice for the VOICELESS” that draws on deep personal experiences and transforms them into a universal call to action. In spite of his young career, KTB has already amassed over 500K+ streams thanks to his boundary-pushing studio albums and captivating, transcendent LIVE performances with his band. Watch out for KTB, the most innovative alternative artist of recent years.


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