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Trust Issues

by MaCarter

We’re excited to share MaCarter’s latest hit, “Trust Issues.” MaCarter is building a name for himself with his unique blend of HipHop and R&B. He’s from the exciting East side of Belgium.

MaCarter’s artistic prowess is a reflection of his multiethnic upbringing; he was born in Germany to an American father and a German mother. His music features a distinct blend of influences, making it at once universal and extremely personal.

MaCarter’s dynamic performance style allows him to open up about his own feelings, striking a chord with listeners of many backgrounds. His song “Trust Issues” exemplifies his skill at making universal music, providing a window into his own experiences while also mirroring those of his listeners.

There will be no mistaking MaCarter’s impact when he releases his first mixtape later this year. Listen up, for his heartfelt melodies and lyrics are going to change the face of R&B and Hip-Hop forever.

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