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Never Too Late

by Dante TK

Listen to the incredible song “Never Too Late” by Dante TK, a musical outlier based out of Oslo, Norway. Dante TK’s music is a unique fusion of rock, pop, and pop-rock, and his inspirations range from Jack White to Eminem.

Dante TK, a solo artist, is influenced by a wide variety of bands, from Guns N’ Roses to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The song “Never Too Late” perfectly captures the spirit of a new beginning and all the potential it represents.

The anthemic tone of the song strikes a chord with its encouraging words to live in the moment. It’s a toast to starting again and an encouragement to welcome the dawn of fresh eras. Dante TK is inspired to create dramatic compositions, and these qualities shine through in his music.

Dante TK’s signature sound, which draws influence from a wide range of musical giants, will take you on a musical voyage that spans both time and space in “Never Too Late.”

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